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2016/9/28 22:37:04
Although inexpensive jewelry existed prior to the 20th century, the peak of costume jewelry production began in the 1930's in Europe, and is often attributed to the appearence of the middle class. This type of jewelry was mostly made of base metals, vermeil (gold leafs bonded to silver) and sterling silver set with semi-precious gemstones (topaz, amethyst, peridot, citrine ,coral...), some organic materials and enamels.
By the 1930's, rhinestones (the bottom of glass coated with silver powder or silver leaf to imitate diamonds) was in high demand in Europe. Costume jewelry usually reflects the material, techniques and fashion trends of a period.

The design and material used in costume jewelry often helps to identify the period when it was made. For example, certain types of hair combs, perfume bottles and dress clips were produced in the 1930's. The costume jewelry of Art Deco and later the Retro period are easily recognizable by their sophisticated style and appearence.
Vermeil jewelry was mainly used during World War II, because of the short supply of gold. Today, the styles of the early periods are becoming very fashionable. Unfortunately, many of the pieces produced today lack the vibrancy and quality


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